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Julie Fullmer is running to represent Utah's 1st Congressional District. She has served Utah for over a decade, preserving freedom, fighting government overreach, serving local communities, and working with individuals & families to enhance their quality of life. She has served in various capacities throughout the state; Mayor, City Council, Commissioner, State Regional & County board and committee member, and as a legislative policy board member and advisor. Julie also chairs a $360+ million investment board that supports fiscally sound clean up, redevelopment and revitalization of otherwise unusable land so that it becomes suitable and safe for future uses like housing, schools, businesses, parks, etc.

Julie received a B.S degree in Political Science with an emphasis in public law and political philosophy, and a minor degree from the Center for Constitutional Studies, where she studied under both Dr. Rick Griffin, Founding Director of the Center for Constitutional Studies & The Wood Distinguished Professor of Law and Constitutional Studies, and Dr. Nicholas Cole of the University of Oxford's Pembroke College, Designer of the Quill Project; a groundbreaking software platform developed to recreate digitally proceedings of constitutional conventions and legislative debates, for the procedural understanding of how law is formed.

Julie is an entrepreneur, founding several successful companies consistently increasing ROI and reducing expenditures, and carried that efficiency and effectiveness into her public service. She's negotiated major infrastructure projects and implemented technologies and systems to support both regional and local needs.

Julie has been nationally recognized as a champion of regulatory innovation for her work in strategic fiscal management, streamlining processes, supporting small businesses, and successful technological advancements. As a known business negotiator and mediator, Julie has been creating strategic partnerships, strengthening communication, and discovering innovative solutions in support of diverse communities and industries for over a decade.

Julie has a track record of meaningful representation, dedicating her life to protecting the values and principles that keep us calling Utah home.

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"I have had the privilege of working with Julie for the last three years... Julie is an exceptional leader, who works very hard to accomplish desired results... I have seen her deftly handle very challenging problems with cool logic and determination, always seeking to achieve the best possible results. She is quick to grasp new ideas and is adept at asking the right questions to get to the real issues of any situation. While she is thoughtful and understanding in letting people express diverging opinions, she is articulate and persuasive in stating her position and is always very well prepared to engage in discussions of importance and interest to her. It has been a real privilege to know and work with Julie."

Kent Millington

Former UTA Trustee

Technology Commercialization Director,

Research on Thorium and Nuclear Energy



"Julie Fullmer is a great supporter of public safety and a consistent conservative who has defended the constitution in the most difficult of circumstances.  She has worked closely with the Sheriffs Office to assure we have the proper staffing and resources to serve the citizens of her area efficiently. She is a smart and effective leader, and will be an asset to our state at the congressional level. We need leaders willing to lean in when things get difficult to help strengthen our forces, which will keep our communities and families safe and maintain their quality of life."

Sheriff Mike Smith



"Keep doing what you're doing. We need more people like you, willing to get involved in public service. You are making a difference!


Neil M. Gorsuch

Supreme Court of the United States



"I had the honor of working with Julie Fullmer for many years. Her business sense, proactive approach, and negotiation skills are top notch and something you can't find from anyone. She is very passionate in all she does, is always wiling to go above and beyond to make sure everyone/everything is taken care of, and is a true professional. She is always willing to help anyone and is up for any challenge. If you are looking for an honest, hardworking, energetic leader, you found her."


Phil Caramanica

CEO at Fizzy Labs



"I've never seen any city official ever be so accessible and responsive as Julie Fullmer. She's involved in every issue -though usually she's spearheading it - from providing ample lighting for our neighborhood streets to decreasing household density levels per square mile to bringing in funding for infrastructure. She's a personable leader." 


Jarom Sidwell


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A Letter from Julie

For over 10 years I've dedicated my life to serving individuals, families, & communities throughout Utah with a proven track record of fighting for and defending our freedoms. As the Covid-19 pandemic began to unfold, it became clear to me that we needed stronger conservative leaders fighting for Utah.


Government overreach & unnecessary mandates caused our communities a great deal of additional, needless struggle and suffering. As a mayor during this period, one of my core focuses was to provide people with the best information available at any given time, allowing them to make their own decisions on how to best take care of their unique needs.

To protect and support the economy of our growing city I personally met with and strategized with local businesses. We developed innovative plans to enhance their business models to operate through the circumstances, and I led the charge to quickly streamline, suspend, and deregulate many city codes/ordinances to give our local businesses the ability to stay open and survive. We cut the city's budget while creating a modest, but robust contingency of resources and plans regarding emergency services, tests, testing sites, emergency hospital partner sites and access, and medical supplies should the need arise. We also created remote opportunities for our staff, and community opportunities for people who felt more comfortable staying home.


My main job is to protect freedom, specifically life, liberty, and property. Executive mandates and emergency powers are dangerous. Although some in the state pushed me to take more power to "protect" the citizens, I chose to use the authority entrusted to me by the people to provide the information & tools people and small businesses needed to best care of themselves, along with maintaining necessary city services.  I involved the city's legislative body and staff in all decisions, keeping power with the people. 


I served on boards throughout the state, kept in constant communication with other leaders throughout Utah, and participated in weekly calls with White House representatives to ensure that I could effectively advocate for and protect the liberties of the people of Utah.

As 15 days to flatten the curve turned into months, I was deeply disheartened to see people going hungry, businesses failing, kids' education falling by the wayside, people scared to leave their homes, and so much more. By the Spring of 2020 various state and federal mandates forced many Utah businesses to close their doors. Despite these mandates & others against public gatherings, I supported the first Utah business revival in our city, inviting small businesses across Utah to come open up and sell their goods and services in our city. Thousands of Utahns throughout the state gathered to support these businesses & together we showed that Utah can & must continue to live, work, & be free even during difficult times.


Government's aggressive approach was also stifling freedom of speech, and so I told people from across the state that their voices could be heard in our city, giving a voice to an array of leadership from across the state who came to our city, joining together to share concerns over the course that government was taking and their commitment to finding a better path forward through the pandemic while protecting our liberties. We empowered people to take care of their needs and each other, make their own choices, and made it clear that life was going to go on.


In a time where people did not know where to stand, I stood advocating for the individuals, families, communities, and businesses of Utah by upholding the principles of individual liberty, limited government, and the Constitution.  Without that document, the rule of law, and the sacrifice of those willing to defend and fight to protect it, our natural born freedoms are trampled upon. We need representatives to fight for those securities in the most difficult of circumstances. 

Have you been represented & supported in a meaningful way that protects your liberties & supports the unique needs of you, your family, your businesses and your community? Government overreach and ineptitude has burdened us with high gas & food prices, broken supply chains, and an indoctrination of entitlement, incivility, and theories harmful to the unity and stability of our society. We have the opportunity to make meaningful change and empower Utah’s future together! I have a strong track record of conservative leadership, listening to and serving those that I represent, fighting for Utahns & defending your freedoms. I serve to keep Utah a place we all want to call home, for you and your families, for my sons, and for the generations to come.

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Constitutional Conservative


The Declaration of Independence declares our God-given right to "Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness."


The Constitution protects & secures these rights but only so long as we the people diligently safeguard & uphold this inspired document.

I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign

and domestic.


Integrity &

“Only a virtuous people

are capable of freedom".

- Benjamin Franklin


Integrity & honesty are core to how I live. I keep my commitments & am honest in my dealings with others.


Those who truly know me rely on me, and know that I'll treat them fairly, even if we have different views. 

These principles are my true north & will remain so if entrusted with the responsibility and honor of representing you in congress.


Resolute Determination

“Victory is always possible for the

person who refuses to stop fighting.”

– Napoleon Hill


I am the hardest working, most tenacious representative you could ever hope for.


I've consistently delivered wins for Utah & my community by battling federal heavy hitters, entrenched rail road interests, and deep pocketed special interests.


I'll face any challenge. I won't back down. I will keep winning for Utah and be sure that your needs are heard and addressed by Washington!



    Fullmer delivers results for Utah!

  • Managed Geneva Steel Site Clean-Up, which is nearing completion

  • Catalyst to Union Pacific Railroad moving forward on stalled projects throughout Utah

  • Negotiated over $70MM in funds to support local & regional needs

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Mayor Supports Small Business, Utah Business Revival
25 April 2020
Fullmer cuts red tape to support small businesses during pandemic

50K donated sandbags head to
Cedar City & Moab

29 July 2021
Julie Fullmer spearheads flood relief effort for Cedar City & Moab

City steps up plans to help residents through virus outbreak
17 March 2020
Fullmer protects city's economy & citizens, without mandates


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